Photo Credits

Many thanks to everyone listed below for granting us permission to use your talents to help illustrate the excitement and world inside the V.R. Marks novels.

Photos Used on Site and in Videos

Zander White for the photo of the sailing feet

Coker College the photos of Hart House and Kyle Saverance for going above and beyond to get me the photo of the Hart House

Bob Bencivenga and Gayle at for photo of main street in Hartsville, SC and photo of the Midnight Rooster.

Scott F. Synder for use of the photos of California beach and the girl on the beach

Dez Pain for use of the photo of man in the shadows

Armand Pedrós for use of photo of cell phone on the deck

Dragan Sasic for use of photo of photography studio

Sanja Gjenero for use of photos of 35mm camera and the old snapshots

Julie Elliott-Abshire for use of photo of gun and badge

Eric Ortner for use of photo of burning building

Marcos Santos for the use of photo of Nicole and friends

Kenn W. Kiser for the use of photo of gravestone

Nadia Jasmine for the use of photo of man playing chess

David Ritter for the use of photo of broken window


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