The Hostage

Hostagecvr-2What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

Eva Battaglia used to be a Special Forces analyst.  Today, in the quiet town of Haleswood, SC Eva blends her linguistic and computer skills as the team analyst for RC Investigations. Eva is the go-to person when the team wants intel online.

But an enemy from her days in the Special Forces has decided to exact revenge and Eva has gone from being the hunter to the hunted in a matter of days.

The president of RC Investigations has enlisted the help of the Haleswood Sheriff’s department to keep an eye on Eva until the threat can be contained.

J.C. (Carson) Morris was asked to protect Eva as her bodyguard and keep both the threat and the assignment a secret from her. When a sniper shows up in Haleswood and takes a shot at Eva, the rules change.

The person toying with Eva plots the revenge moves like an expert chess player. But this is more than an elaborate gambit to capture the queen. Sensing a strategic advantage in his quest for revenge, Bakr Morcos accelerates his plan.

Fighting a common threat brings J.C. and Eva closer, especially when the sniper makes another attempt to kill Eva. In an effort to buy time, J.C. takes her to a remote safe house.  But will their attraction for each other mean sacrifice and death or a happily ever after?


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