The Thief

Publicity manager for a pharmaceutical firm, Allie Williams has discovered her boss has not only approved a dangerous new drug, he’s framed her for laundering the kickbacks he received to push the drug to market. On the run with incriminating evidence, she heads for the safety of her hometown where she can hide in plain sight among the close knit community where everyone knows her and she’ll definitely be innocent until proven guilty.

Since his separation from the Army, Ross Carpenter has made a name for himself and his private security firm, often recovering things and resolving situations people prefer to keep off the police record. When a new client brings him a photo of his high school sweetheart, accusing Allie of serious crimes, Ross must get involved. Even if it means returning to the hometown he left behind and the woman who stole his heart.

Allie Williams PR manager for a Virginia pharmaceutical company finds herself framed by her boss.  Allie steals evidence showing her boss has been taking kickbacks and pushing a lethal drug to market.


The files proving the newest drug being released kills, not heals, and her boss's kickbacks from suppliers are on Allie's flash drive. Ross Edwards, Allie's boss, and others want those files back.



While figuring out how to stop the drug's release and clear her name, Allie heads to her hometown of Haleswood, South Carolina.  With supportive friends and neighbors, Allie hides in plain sight in the small town.


Ross Carpenter, former Special Forces team leader, runs a consulting and private security company. Ross has made his reputation and that of his agency in resolving situations people prefer keeping off the police record.

His latest assignment is to retrieve the stolen data from Allie, the woman who once stole his heart many years ago.


V.R. Marks' debut romantic suspense novel tells of a pharmaceutical company publicity manager Allie Williams who discovers her company's newest drug discovery is lethal and her boss is taking kickbacks from suppliers.  When she approaches the board with the information Allie learns profits are more important than the truth.

Returning to her hometown of Haleswood, S.C.  Allie tries to stay alive while figuring out her next step.

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